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About Asbestos Audits Queensland and our services

Asbestos Audits Queensland was created to meet the needs of building owners who wish to comply with asbestos-related regulations! Our aim is to make asbestos compliance easy and affordable. We carry out asbestos inspections, asbestos audits or asbestos surveys whatever name you know them as. Where we come to your site inspect it as far as safely possible and complete for you an Asbestos Report, Register and Management Plan.

Our asbestos inspection, auditing and reporting services

Your asbestos audit or survey includes a thorough inspection and sampling of all suspect material (friable or non friable). If there is an indication of any change in colour, texture or appearance of the material additional samples may be needed.

Asbestos Audits Queensland AAQ PL - Flexible Woven Asbestos Aircon Duct JointAsbestos Audits Queensland AAQ PL - Firedoor Multiple Layer Asbestos
Flexible woven asbestos airconditioning duct jointMultiple layers of asbestos containing material in a firedoor

Samples are sent to only NATA Laboratories for analysis to ensure the minimum of likelihood of errors in identifying the samples.

Once the samples have been analysed, we provide you with a comprehensive report including a Management Plan, Risk Assessment and Register. Your report will include copies of photographs taken on site along with the laboratory sample analysis results.

The Asbestos Register notes the location of asbestos material, type and form of the asbestos, condition of the asbestos and any potential health risks from the material. You may choose to receive your asbestos report in electronic format for your convenience.

Asbestos Audits Queensland AAQ PL - Poor Condition Corrugated AsbestosAsbestos Audits Queensland AAQ PL - Galbestos Sheeting
Poor condition corrugated asbestos cement roof cladding with asbestos debris in the gutterGalbestos sheeting used for a fence and gate

Our manager, Brian Sketcher has 28 years experience in inspecting for asbestos and managing asbestos hazards in buildings. He was also one of the founding members of the Asbestos Industry Association.

Aside from compliance services for commercial buildings, we also offer inspection reports before or after demolition or renovation, pre-sales reports, yearly re-inspections and advice on minimising or removing asbestos risk from your building. We can also assist with asbestos audit services as required by some councils prior to re-locating a house.

With just a simple phone call we can provide a free quote to create your Asbestos Materials Report, Management Plan and Register.

For your asbestos audit quote, call or fax us on (07) 55492250 or mobile 0407 756 440 or email us today.