Workplace Health & Safety Requirements and Regulations

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The Workplace Health and Safety Regulation and the associated Codes of Practice which detail how the Regulation should be implemented have all been entirely re-written as part of the harmonisation of WH & S law across Australia.
Under Workplace Health and Safety Regulation (2011) which came into force on January 1st 2012 if you are the “person in control of a business or undertaking (PCBU)” you are responsible to find out if your workplace contains asbestos if it was built before 2004 (or 1990 in Queensland).

There are two different dates in Queensland because Queensland initially accepted the pre 2004 date then revoked it. The problem with using the 1990 date is that many Government bodies, financial institutions and companies still require compliance using the Federal standard and asbestos containing materials such as brake pads, gaskets and seals and specialised building material items containing asbestos i.e. firedoors could still be imported into Australia up to December 31st 2003.

If the above applies then – you are required to follow all the steps as described in the Workplace Health & Safety Regulation.

Asbestos woven fuse linings
Asbestos woven fuse linings
Damaged asbestos cement sheet ceiling
Damaged asbestos cement sheet ceiling
Summarising this you are required to:
  1. Take steps to find out if there is any asbestos containing materials for a workplace built prior to 2004 or 1990. This usually means hiring “a competent person” who has the knowledge and experience to assist you.
  2. Keep an Asbestos Containing Materials Register in your workplace.
  3. Have Risk Assessments done on all asbestos containing materials found or assumed to be present in the Workplace.
  4. Create and have in place an Asbestos Management Plan including for any assumed or presumed areas of asbestos containing material
  5. Review and update this plan and register at least every 5 years if asbestos containing materials are found or earlier if renovation or demolition is to be carried out or if a risk assessment indicates otherwise. For example an unsealed asbestos cement roof may require an annual review and re-inspection and update in the asbestos register and asbestos management plan.
  6. Display at an appropriate place a notice that there is an Asbestos Materials Register and have it available to access or view at the workplace.
  7. Provide training for workers, contractors and others who come in contact with Asbestos containing materials.
  8. For all licenced asbestos removal works, ensure clearance inspections which may include airborne dust monitoring are conducted only by licensed asbestos removal assessors who are independent to the removal process, before a work area is re-occupied.

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