Hello my Name is Brian Sketcher and I plan on running excerpts from my lastest book “Electricians Guide To Asbestos” in this series of blogs. This book is available in printed, mobi(kindle) epub or pdf for “i” devices or android devices from our website www.asbestosaudits.com.au.

Where is Your Head At?

There is no point in showing you what contains asbestos if all you are going to do is put your face near it and drill into it! Don’t laugh I have seen an electrician do just that while I was standing two metres behind him in a disposable suit and protective mask!

When asked he said he was in a hurry and had another job to go to!

 The amount of asbestos fibre released is in part dependent upon the material binding the asbestos, also its condition, product type and type of asbestos used.

Exposure is also dependent on how close your mouth and nose are to the asbestos released into the air. The dosage concentration is increased if it is within what is known as the “respirable zone” or breathable zone that is an area approximately 30 centimetres around your head.

 Asbestos fibres the size of 3 to 5 microns long and 1 – 2 microns wide are the most likely to stick in your lungs. So the easiest way to control exposure to asbestos is don’t make dust and don’t get your unprotected face near it.

We are not going into specific procedures in this book because of the variation of situations and the number of readily available training and procedures resources for specific electrical tasks but a simple P2 paper mask properly fitted and worn every time you drill into something makes a difference to the risk of contracting an asbestos related disease.