My Father always taught me there wasn’t much around the house that couldn’t be fixed (one way or another) with the use of an angle grinder ( to cut out the problem) and a hammer ( to bash the replacement back in). If you have a relative  ( Dad, Grandad, Son, Brother) who also believes in this theory why not buy a book this Xmas that may stop a Christmas lunch argument and save their lives and  possibly yours. Our book “Identifying Asbestos In Your Home” has pictures- yes there is no reading of instructions required to stop them taking that drill or angle grinder to asbestos this Christmas.

Christmas lights can be tricky things so drilling into asbestos to place supporting brackets is not a good idea for them and your peace of mind I- dentifying Asbestos In Your Home. Available in printed pdf, kindle or ebook from Now where’s that angle grinder I have Xmas lights to put up……..