Back in 2012 we found a supplier to crystal healing shops supplying raw asbestos rock to smaller shops. These rocks were being sold as healing rock which could be carved by the purchaser and were supposedly good for MS and lung diseases ( I kid you not). We contacted WH & S and AQIS and they attended to it. Following that we looked in crystal healing shops whenever we could and found white asbestos (Chrysotile) being sold at the Fremantle markets in Perth and markets in Darwin, Hobart and Canberra. Well time has gone on and I haven’t seen much of this lately until the last school holidays I was out at Nanango (QLD) with the kids who were coming with us to a couple of jobs near Kingaroy. Stopped in to the markets and look what I found being sold….Audits Queensland AAQ PL - Asbestos Sold as Healing CrystalsAsbestos Audits Queensland AAQ PL - Asbestos Sold as Healing Crystals

What got me was the lady running the stall knew it was asbestos and claimed she was allowed to sell it, she wasn’t just selling these pieces but large spheres and crystal shapes as well as raw rock for people to carve. I was astounded and told her so, she was going to contact her supplier as she didn’t believe me. I had previously researched this and if you have a look on the net fibrous Chrysotile rock is being sold world wide as a healing Crystal. Here’s a couple awesome excerpts from people promoting this garbage-

“Chrysotile in Serpentine

The ‘Stone of Life’, holds energies to help the being to connect with past lives if any, and also life’s past happenings in itself. As well as being very good to stimulate the inner senses, and in helping the being to open up to the soul self.

A stone that helps to strengthen and better the bodies vascular system, as well as helping to improve eyesight, especially with the eye focus. Chrysotile in Serpentine is a very wise stone with many stories to tell and many stories yet to learn. It can be seen as a special gift for many generations.

Here is a mixture of two highly intuitive and spiritually natured stones. Some may find the energy a bit over stimulating and may wish to only use it in small doses rather than all the time. It is not wise for this stone to be used with the being who is easily anxious, paranoid or have mental health conditions such as schizophrenia.”

SERIOUSLY! in this case if you are paranoid or have a mental health condition it may just save your life and stop you from buying these stones. Anyhow I contacted ASEA and I’m happy to say they are looking into it.