In this blog we will look at asbestos in lab ovens & kilns. Asbestos can be found in these devices in a number places in their construction. The door seal, the cabinet seal, as part or all of the casing, as internal insulation and even as wiring insulation internally. Once again having your face near the asbestos but this time in the form of the woven asbestos door seals which usually require some force to shut to get the most efficient seal.

Old Townson & Mercer Oven with both woven asbestos door seals the casing and the door itself.
Kiln with asbestos cement casing front panel
Another oven showing the damaged asbestos woven door seal to the casing.
This kiln had asbestos cement side and front panels
Another oven this time in a airport hangar laboratory with an asbestos woven door seal.