Happy New Year

Once again asbestos has been found in mulch. This was in early December in Gladstone. Building material and building site recycling is  a good thing but people must stop and consider what they area recycling…….. is it or does it have asbestos attached? The site of our own house had pieces in the landfill of asbestos cement pipe. When my daughter was 4 we went to a birthday party and this Dad proudly showed us his house he had built mainly out of recycled materials. Unfortunately he had used recycled timber floor boards with asbestos backed vinyl still attached. Most of the vinyl was gone but the asbestos was there for the kids to walk and crawl through. I took the Dad aside and he didn’t believe me. So I  got my kids to stay outside and gently tried to advise some of the other parents….. needless to say we never went back there or were invited again. I saw the house for sale a few years later and there in the marketing advertising was a photo of the main lounge room with those same floorboards with not so much asbestos still attached now…..