Eight of the G20 countries once again failed to ban asbestos. Biggest culprit is the United States who should be leading the way the rest of them Brazil, China India, Indonesia, Mexico Russia & Canada all have poor Workplace Safety regarding asbestos although with Canada they are gradually getting into the 20th Century (note not the 21st) regarding asbestos with closure of asbestos mines. 

From the World Health Organisation- “exposure to asbestos, including Chrysotile causes cancer of the lung, larynx and ovaries”

So its deliberate lives for profit and industry and ignoring the facts by telling people that Chrysotile (white asbestos ) is safe to use.

America is even importing asbestos from Russia!  President Trump’s  statement in 2012 that the Twin Towers wouldn’t have fallen if more asbestos had been used is beyond belief. Yet the sensible part of the US Government passed the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act to provide medical care and monitoring of people with health conditions related to the collapse of the World Trade Centre.

This will continue to make it difficult to control asbestos coming across our borders as ignorant and misled companies in these countries continue to manufacture goods, products and components containing asbestos.